Helping You Live a Life of Freedom and Happiness…

“Flagonomics™: Embrace Your Freedom”

A Rogue Expat shares the secrets to help you live a life of Freedom and Happiness.

In very simple terms, Flagonomics™ is living a fantastic life, a life you choose. A life where you remove all the risks you face when you keep all of your eggs in one basket. And I’m not talking just about money, but every aspect of your life.

I coined the term Flagonomics™ in 1998 based on my research while preparing to expatriate from my home country. 

I can’t take credit for the original ‘Flag’ concept, I’ve only expanded on the idea by adding some critical ones to address the modern world we live in. The original three ‘Flags’ were conceived by American, Harry Donald Schultz some 80 years ago and the other two or three ‘flags’ were added in the last two decades. You may not have heard of the ‘flag concept’ or Flagonomics™ as it has only been available, until recently, to the rich.

“Flagonomics™: Embrace Your Freedom”

In an ever-evolving world where borders are blurred and opportunities abound, the pursuit of personal freedom has become a fundamental aspiration for many. Amidst this quest, a visionary American named Harry Donald Schultz conceived a groundbreaking concept known as the flag theory principle nearly 80 years ago. Today, we revive and expand upon his original concept, introducing the modern approach to personal freedom and fulfilment – Flagonomics™.

Flagonomics™ is an empowering philosophy that recognizes the inherent value of diversifying one’s life across different countries, jurisdictions, and realms. The concept revolves around the idea of unfurling a series of flags, each representing a distinct area of life, thereby enabling individuals to safeguard their assets, liberties, and overall well-being. By embracing the principles of Flagonomics™, individuals can cultivate a life of freedom, flexibility, and boundless opportunities.

On this website, we delve into the eight essential flags of Flagonomics™, unveiling the strategies and actionable steps you can take to transform your life. Each flag encompasses a distinct aspect of personal and financial well-being, allowing you to design a life that is resilient, dynamic, and aligned with your values.

What are the ‘flags’ in ‘Flagonomics™’? 

The ‘Flags’ symbolize different areas of your life. The idea is to diversify your ‘assets’ across different countries so that if anything goes wrong in one country, you’ll still have access to some of your assets that are in another country. As I said earlier, it’s not keeping all your eggs (assets!) in one basket (country).

The Eight ‘flags’ in Flagonomics™’ are:

Flag 1: Citizenship and Passports: Explore the world of multiple citizenships and passports, granting you the freedom to travel, access diverse opportunities, and benefit from favourable legal and financial frameworks.

Flag 2: Residency: Establish yourself in different countries, unlocking the benefits of global living, such as quality healthcare, education, business prospects, and a rich cultural tapestry.

Flag 3: Bank Accounts and Liquid Assets: Diversify your financial holdings across multiple jurisdictions, ensuring security, privacy, and accessibility to international markets, while mitigating risks associated with economic volatility.

Flag 4: Physical Assets: Own properties and tangible assets across different countries, providing stability, potential income, and protection against local economic downturns or political uncertainties.

Flag 5: Offshore Enterprises: Embrace the world of international business ventures, tapping into global markets, favorable tax regimes, and diverse legal systems, to enhance profitability, asset protection, and network expansion.

Flag 6: Digital and Cyber Assets: Navigate the digital landscape with confidence, leveraging digital currencies, emerging technologies, online businesses, and the protection of intellectual property, to capitalize on the opportunities of the digital age.

Flag 7: Digital and Cybersecurity: Safeguard your digital presence, protect personal and financial information, and ensure privacy in an interconnected world, by adopting robust cybersecurity practices and tools.

Flag 8: Un-Tethered Freedom: Unleash the true essence of Flagonomics™, creating a life of boundless possibilities, independence, and fulfilment, by diversifying across the previous seven flags.

In summary, Flagonomics™, “Helps you Live a Life of Freedom & Happiness!”

“Flagonomics™: Embrace Your Freedom”

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To your freedom and happiness,

Robert C. 
Chief Flagonomist 
AKA The Rogue Expat