So what is Flagonomics™ all about?

Helping You Live a Life of Freedom and Happiness…

Flagonomics ™

In very simple terms, Flagonomics™ is living your life by removing all the risks you face when you keep all of your eggs in one basket!

I coined the term Flagonomics™ in 1998 based on the research I was doing while preparing to expatriate from my home country. 

I can’t take credit for the ‘Flag’ concept, I’ve only expanded on them and added a few important ones to address the modern world we live in. The original three ‘Flags’ were conceived by American, Harry Donald Schultz some 80 years ago and the other two or three ‘flags’ were added in the last two decades. You may not have heard of the ‘flag concept’ or Flagonomics™ as it has only available, until recently, to the rich.

What are the ‘flags’ that make up ‘Flagonomics™’? 

The ‘Flags’ symbolize different areas of your life. The idea is to diversify  your assets across different countries so if anything goes wrong in one country, you’ll still have access to some of your assets that are in another country. Like I said earlier, it’s not keeping all your eggs (assets!) in one basket (country).

The Eight ‘flags’ in Flagonomics™’ are:

Flag 1: Citizenship’s and Passport(s)

Flag 2: Residency 

Flag 3: Bank Accounts and Liquid Assets

Flag 4: Physical Assets

Flag 5: Offshore Enterprises

Flag 6: Digital and Cyber Assets

Flag 7: Digital and Cyber Security

Flag 8: Un-Tethered Freedom…

In summary, Flagonomics™ , “Helps you Live a Life of Freedom & Happiness!”